Population projections for Wrexham show a decrease of 500+ persons by 2028. Why build houses on a greenfield site that has a history of flooding, this also risks the sustainability of Health, Education and Highway Safety in the village

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Flooding History

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Highway Safety

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Doctors Surgery

Health Services

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Question – What do the Trevalyn communities that live around this potential disaster development area think?

Answer – Perhaps the banner erected on Trevalyn Way gives a hint.

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Trevalyn – About Us

The residents of this area of Rossett are very concerned about the proposed development on local fields.  These residents have first hand knowledge of the surface water and fluvial flooding in the area of the development and have grave concerns on how a large development will impact on their homes, potentially contributing to higher flood risk by removing what is a natural sustainable drainage system.

Despite this local knowledge supposed experts in Natural Resources Wales, National Planning Inspectors and Welsh Government Ministers have continually ignored local voices in their quest to build more homes. 

It should also be noted that the government project statistics for this areas show a decrease in population over the next 10 years, in fact actual statistics show a decrease over the past 5 years!

During the various planning applications and appeals it had become clear that climate change had not been factored in to the development reports produced by the developers or various local and national authorities.

Links to More Information

Flooding on 6th November 2000 -The flooding is known to have peaked at a height of 15.79m Above Ordnance Datum (AOD) at 11:45pm on 6th Nov 2000.

A 19 Minute Video of the above flood.

History of Previous Flooding – 1950 to 2020 – Rossett is a village with a recent history of flooding.  A number of planning applications by housing developers have been rejected over the years, some were appealed but still not granted.

Gallery of Flooding Photographs – Images of the floods from 1976 to the current day.

Flood Risk and Household Insurance – Five insurers on the Flood Re list have already declined insurance cover locally on houses built before 2009. If you are not insured with them already they are not obliged to quote.

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